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Put out those rain barrels: 20 millimetres of rain possible this weekend


Put out the rain barrels, buckets, bowls – whatever you’ve got.

Every drop counts here in Calgary!

We could get 20 millimetres of rain this weekend, with the bulk of it between 2 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday.

Saturday, expect clouds in the morning and rain starting in the afternoon, with the risk of thunderstorms.

It will be gusty, cool and the rain will be heavy at times:

Sunday's forecast looks a little better than it did earlier this week.

We may see a tiny bit of sunshine, but it will still be mainly cloudy, windy, cool and at times, rainy.

The rain and cool temperatures continue into the next week.

It will take some time to get back to the 20s (it likely won't happen until Thursday).

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