A video posted on YouTube by some Calgarians is getting the approval of Flames fans.

"We had, I think 15 hits right away, which was just our family. And then by the end of the evening, we had six or seven thousand hits so it's pretty cool," says Arun Lalka, one of the creators.

"Hey There Iginla," is set to a familiar pop tuned called "Hey There Delilah."

This hockey song is a tribute to Jarome Iginla, the captain of the Calgary Flames.

Lakra enlisted his his brother-in-law Shubh Sidhu to help him bring his idea to life.

"I'm a die hard Flames fan. I've been a Flames fan for a long, long time. I was here in '89 when the Flames won the cup and I've been waiting for the next one," says Lakra.

The two wrote the song and recorded it last week.

They also decided to produce a video featuring an Iginla Bobblehead. "As I was racking my brain one morning, trying to figure out a way not to be in this video, interestingly enough I walked by [a coworker's] desk and saw this Bobblehead and thought 'hey, we could just put a Bobblehead in the video,'" says Sidhu.

When not writing hockey songs and making videos for YouTube, the two are working professionals. Lakla is a medical doctor and Shubh is an engineer.

The pair is happy their YouTube video is getting so much attention, but what would really thrill them is if the Flames bring home the Stanley Cup this year.

To watch "Hey There Iginla," click on the link to the right.