Authorities are appealing for calm on the Siksika First Nation.

RCMP say a white supremacist has been charged in connection with an incident on the reserve, east of Calgary near Gleichen.

The man has been charged with mischief, but residents are more concerned about the racist comments that were heard.

There is tension in the air on the Siksika First Nation.

RCMP say four white supremacists punched holes in the walls of the building, likely using pipes or baseball bats.

RCMP officer, Sgt. Bob Campbell says "Three of them were arrested for causing a disturbance, alcohol was involved, and one subject fled on foot and was later arrested for mischief".

RCMP say the suspects are members of the Aryan Guard in Calgary.

They say the white supremacists were at a house party in Gleichen Saturday night.

RCMP is calling for calm. The RCMP has been inundated with calls and emails from people who fear for their safety and the Mounties met with the Siksika Tribal Council to address those concerns.