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Ride-share drivers participate in massive protest for fair wages


A group of ride share drivers in Calgaryprotested against what they say are unfair labour practices by Uber, Lyft and Doordash  on Wednesday

Demonstrating at the Calgary International Aiprort, some of the workers told CTV News they are underpaid and overworked.

They also said high gas prices are hurting their bottom line.

"The drivers are making minimum, less than the minimum wage right now," said Sunny Khuma, an Uber driver.

"This is a problem and we are struggling for fares, for the transparency, for everything right now."

The protest was part of a larger movement taking place across Canada and the world, pushing for drivers to receive a base minimum wage when they don't have a passenger on board.

Calgary drivers say they are also upset with poor conditions in the airport's parking lot and the unsanitary bathroom facilities.

Uber, in response to the job action being taken by their workers, said that the flexibility it offers as an employer is "unparalleled."

"Drivers choose the Uber platform because of the flexibility it gives them: they can earn money on their own terms, they control where and when they work, they are free to use other apps at the same time as they’re on Uber, choose which trips to accept, and they can drive using their own vehicle," said Keerthana Rang, Uber's Canada corporate communications lead.

Rang says the demonstrations have not impacted riders that use their service.

"Our data found that the number of drivers that completed a trip yesterday was the same as the number of drivers from last Wednesday. That’s because the vast majority of drivers are satisfied - earnings remain strong."

She says Uber agrees that all drivers should earn a minimum standard during the time they are engaged on their app.

"The Ontario government has passed legislation mandating a minimum earnings standard for gig workers during engaged time, which we will comply with when it is in force. And BC’s NDP government recently announced reforms that include a minimum earning standard during engaged time as well," Rang said.

Other ride-share companies have said they are always working to improve conditions for the drivers that work for them. Top Stories


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