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Seafood, eat food: Calgary Stampede releases Midway menu


The Calgary Stampede has released its menu of sweet, salty and spicy treats available on the Midway for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

This year, officials have unveiled a variety of sweet indulgences to "truly daring and unique dishes" for Stampede-goers.

Among the offerings is a takoyaki full of meat floss, seaweed strips, pickled ginger, cabbage and large chunks of octopus, a treat that was named "Cowboyaki" by Stampede Insiders.

"Bringing our unique flavours to the Calgary Stampede is a highlight for us, and the community's enthusiasm in naming one of our exclusive dishes for this year has made this experience even more special," said Ying Yan Situ, events and operations manager at Happy Fish Catering, in a statement.

Some of the other treats include Mexican street corn ice cream, pickle fry poutine, Ferrero Rocher bubble tea and cheeseburger ice cream – a meatless, vanilla-infused cone of soft serve ice cream garnished with an onion ring and a pickle.

In addition to all the new treats, officials say the Midway will also include all the old mouth-watering favourites: corn dogs, funnel cakes, freshly squeezed lemonade and mini donuts.

A full list of Midway food can be found online.

The Calgary Stampede runs from July 5 to 14. Top Stories

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