There was no time for Clem Wasyluk to react when a u-shaped rod of steel pierced the passenger side of his truck's windshield.

At the time he was traveling northbound on the Deerfoot Trail listening to a radio newscaster, tell the grim tale of the young woman killed Monday night on the Trans-Canada highway.

Monday evening a 25-year-old Calgary woman died when a piece of a break drum from a commercial vehicle was propelled through her windshield by the semi-trailer she was following.

Moments later he was the victim of highway debris.

Wasyluk says "Even the glass in my face could have blinded my eyes."

After what happened to him on Tuesday, he urges drivers to pay more attention to the conditions of their vehicles and the loads they are carrying.

Gary Brooks of Carmacks Enterprises Ltd. who is responsible for keeping debris off of Deerfoot Trail, Stoney Trail, and a portion of Highway 1, says road debris causes more damage than people realize.

Brooks says, "There have been numerous incidents, where objects have gone through windshields or nearly gone through windshields, and other obvious car damage, like flat tires and broken rims."

Police are still investigating Monday's death.