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Sexual assault charge against Calgary bar manager stayed

Grant Lee Cichacki is shown in an undated photo. (Obtained by CTV News) Grant Lee Cichacki is shown in an undated photo. (Obtained by CTV News)

A sexual assault charge has been stayed against former Calgary bar owner Grant Lee Cichacki.

Cichacki, 43, was charged in 2023 with the sexual assault of an 18-year-old employee.

The incident was alleged to have occurred in December 2022 after the pair attended a social function together.

On Monday, the woman testified she lost her memory shortly after having a drink, and woke up to find she was being sexually assaulted.

Cichacki told court the woman didn’t appear intoxicated, the sex was consensual and that it was instigated by her.               

Cichacki's lawyer, Alain Hepner, confirmed to CTV News the charge was stayed prior to final arguments taking place.

A stay means the charge is effectively withdrawn, though prosecutors have up to a year to revive it if new evidence comes to light.

Since being charged in 2023, six additional women have come forward accusing Cichacki of sexual assault.               

A trial in those cases is set to begin in March 2025. Top Stories

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