Southern Albertans faced another blast of winter as a storm swept into the area on Thursday and dumped nearly 20 centimetres of snow in some areas.

Snowfall warnings remain in effect for the following areas as of 9:00 p.m. Thursday:

The city says crews have been out since Wednesday applying anti-icing material to the roads.

“Thankfully, at these temperatures, the salt in our pickle is actually a lot more effective so we don’t anticipate things to be too bad out there but we do remind citizens that they should drive to winter conditions,” said Chris McGeachy, Spokesperson for Roads.

The city has not called a snow route parking ban as of yet but says it may be issued on the weekend.

“The city’s seven-day snow plan will take effect as soon as the snow has stopped falling. We do know there’s more snow in the forecast but the seven-day snow plan, it really allows the City of Calgary to focus on those priority one routes, that’s your Crowchild Trails and Glenmore Trails, to keep the most citizens moving safely,” said McGeachy. “At this time we don’t anticipate having to call another parking ban but it’s really dependent on how much snow we see. If we get the higher end, we might look at it, we’ll give citizens plenty of time before we would announce something like that.”

Motorists are being advised to prepare for changing road conditions.

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