More than 200 people are patrolling the grounds, dust pan and broom in hand, trying to keep the garbage under control. It's a non-stop effort made even more difficult with big crowds and hot weather.

The work has been made a bit easier by some new technology. The Stampede has deployed nine solar-powered bins around the grounds, with an internal compactor. The garbage inside is routinely compressed, giving it five times the capacity of a regular bin, once the bin is full, it sends an electronic signal that it needs to be picked up.

While the trash inside the bins seems to be under control, that's not always the case outside. Some storeowners near the grounds say each morning of the Stampede, especially weekend mornings, they're out cleaning the sidewalks.

To give you and idea of how much waste there is, last year the stampede recycled nearly 630,000 bottles and cans, more than 140,000 tonnes of metal. This also may be the only place you'll find an in-house horse shoe recycling program.