It's a quarter century old.

But the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has now found an 80s hit is too offensive for the airwaves.

The Dire Straits classic Money For Nothing spent weeks at the top of the billboard charts in 1985, and it's a staple of classic rock radio stations.

But after a complaint from a listener in Newfoundland, regulators say the song can't be played unless a derogatory word for homosexuals is edited out.

The decision has outraged many broadcasters, including Terry DiMonte of Calgary's classic rock station Q107.

"The whole thing is absurd because it's all been taken out of context. If you listen to the song and you know the song, the so-called offensive word is actually a shot at people who would use that offensive word," says DiMonte.

Some people in Calgary's gay community, including Cristofer Chan at the Mount Royal University Pride Centre says people need to remember the violent history of the slur in the song.

Dire straits has been aware of this controversy for some time, even changing the lyrics during live performances