Needy individuals and families were able to spend some time getting professional photos taken, all free of charge, as part of world-wide charity effort.

Help-Portrait is a non-profit organization that works to give back to people who may never get the chance to have a professional photo taken.

The event was held at CASA Lethbridge and participants were also treated to full makeovers including haircuts and makeup.

The organization aims to help individuals with special needs, veterans and the YWCA Harbour House.

The event’s organizers say that the opportunity means the world to them.

“We’ve had stories come back about how getting a photo taken has helped them build their confidence and helped them to realize they have self-worth and they are important to the world and they have value and it helps them to get out and continue moving forward,” said Steven Layton.

This is the eighth year that the event has been held in the city and it has been held in 67 countries worldwide since its inception in 2008.