A man who fled the warfare in Syria two years ago is thanking Canadians for the support they gave him and other refugees so they could rebuild their lives.

Abdulfatah Sabouni came to Canada as a government-sponsored refugee about two years ago.

His family has a long history of making soap and Sabouni says he had a successful business in Aleppo but had to abandon it when the war broke out.

When he arrived in Calgary, he worked on learning English as he continued his trade from his home.

Now, he says he’s been able to partner with a number of other Syrian newcomers and create a new company, ‘Aleppo Savon’, in southeast Calgary.

Sabouni says he thought everything was over when he had to flee, but now has new hope for the future.

“When I lost everything in the world in Syria, I thought my life and my kids’ life was finished, but Canada and Canadians gave me and my family and my business a new chance. I am grateful to Canada.”

The factory manufactures about 300 kilograms of soap per day, all hand made using natural ingredients.