As thousands of Telus customers are still angry over lost business and communication issues because of an email outage, the company says it is still working to restore affected systems.

Earlier this week, the company says a hardware issue was discovered that ended up affecting email access for a large number of its customers.

Telus says it's aware of the issue and is working to correct it, but it doesn't appear there's any immediate end in sight.

"This is a fluid situation, and we are doing everything we can to stabilize all servers as we bring our final customers back online. Unfortunately, the issues with the remaining servers are very complex, which is why this is taking much longer than we would like. We know that our customers are frustrated, and we are incredibly sorry," Telus' chief customer officer Tony Geheran wrote in an email to CTV News.

Officials add they are taking the situation very seriously and have taken steps to reach out to affected customers and apologize to them via text message directly.

There is no information on how many customers have been affected by the outage or what exactly caused the problem.