The issue of rough sleepers has been brought to the forefront following a deadly explosion this week at a homeless camp that claimed a life.

On Tuesday, one man was killed and two others badly injured after an explosion at a homeless camp in the southeast.

The explosion was ruled accidental and police believe the fire was fueled by propane tanks.

Homeless officials say the problem of rough sleeping is getting better, but they are still encountering these makeshift camps on a daily basis.

Just weeks ago, Stacey and Joel's home was a tent in Carburn park.

The couple, who have been married for 10 years, spent months rough sleeping after suffering medical problems and not being able to work.

They say it can be dangerous on the streets, dealing with the elements, violence and fire.

"There was a couple times kids were throwing rocks in our tent and saying there's homeless people and I take medication so I've been robbed for my narcotics," said Stacey.

When Stacey and Joel were told to move they learned about the Downtown Outreach Addiction Partnership (DOAP) Encampment Team.

The DOAP Encampment Team is a housing first program funded by the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

The group arranges stable housing for homeless people and gets them off the street.

"Really switching from a mentality of ticketing and knocking the camps over and chasing them away to engagement and over time hopefully moving these people indoors," said Tim Richter from the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Stacey and Joel are now in a new apartment and they are hoping to pay it forward.

"Now we're safe and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure people know about the program that's available," said Stacey.

In the 18 months more than 100 people have been helped by the encampment team.

For more information on the program visit the CUPS website.