Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took in the sights and sounds of the 106th Annual Calgary Stampede on Saturday and completely ignored the elephant in the room that has dominated headlines for the past couple weeks.

On his second day in Calgary, Trudeau met with many Canadians and participated in many of the activities he is known for, including shaking hands, giving speeches in front of Liberal supporters and taking selfies with fans.

During those talks, he kept his mind on business, focusing on the topics of trade, the economy and the days ahead for Alberta and Canada.

“We're actually growing the economy in record ways” he said. “Last year we had the highest growth rate in the entire G7. We're showing that by investing in Canadians, supporting you and your families by building the right infrastructure is delivering for all Canadians.”

One subject that wasn’t on the agenda was the groping allegations against the Prime Minister in connection with an incident involving a B.C. reporter by the name of Rose Knight.

Knight released a statement on Friday about the events that took place at a music festival in 2000.

She said that the allegations are true, but that she also considers the matter to be closed and does not intend to take it any further.

Political experts say that it’s a difficult situation for Trudeau to be in, particularly because of the hard line he’s taken with other politicians, including those in his own cabinet, involved in such allegations.

“Why that’s even more awkward is the precedent that he set with Kent Hehr, where he removed him from cabinet, they did a formal investigation and then they moved from there. None of that is occurring in the case of Trudeau even though the circumstances look very similar,” said Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University.

Bratt says the allegations are particularly stinging for Trudeau because of the standards the Prime Minister set for other politicians in Canada about sexual harassment allegations.

“It sounds like it was a minor incident. We still don’t know what that incident was. He apologized the next day, the woman accepted that apology, it was 18 years ago, let’s move on. Except if you’ve listened to Trudeau’s words over the last two and half years, it’s been ‘the past is no defence’ and ‘we have to believe the women’.”

Bratt says he doesn’t know what Trudeau will do now, but it likely won’t be a resignation.

“I think he’s going to try to weather this out, but he’s going to be attacked and hounded on a daily basis.”

Calgarians who took part in the Stampede Breakfast hosted by Kent Hehr and Justin Trudeau say it’s important for the leader of the country to meet with Canadians and hear their concerns and feedback and the Stampede is a great opportunity.

“Stampede is the heart and soul of Calgary, isn’t it? I think for him to be here, it’s an important gesture and it’s important for him to be part of something that’s important to Calgary,” said Heather Morley.

But Morley says that the allegations against Trudeau shouldn’t be ignored.

“That’s an important issue that needs to be looked at. I think it needs to be addressed and needs to be followed up with.”

On Friday, Trudeau addressed the allegations made by Rose Knight and said that he did not act inappropriately and apologized to her in the moment because of how she perceived his actions.

(With files from Ina Sidhu)