Two more males have come forward alleging they were victims of Dustin Paxton.

Dustin Paxton is already accused of assault and forcible confinement.

In April, an alleged victim was dropped off at the Regina General Hospital. He was emaciated, mutilated, burned, and brain damaged. Paxton has been charged in connection to the torture.

After police began investigating that case, a second alleged victim was discovered. She is a young girl from Calgary.

On Thursday, court was informed there is a third alleged male victim. Paxton is charged with assaulting Wade Gillis in May of last year.

The fourth alleged victim is also male. Paxton's lawyer Jim Lutz said he can't reveal much about the pending charges involving the fourth complainant. "I know about it but I can't say anything yet," Lutz said. "By the preliminary inquiry date (the new charges) will be up and running and they will be at the preliminary inquiry."

Lutz said he doesn't expect any other complainants in the case. "Peeling the skin off an onion, I suppose, would be the best analogy," Lutz said. "Anything's possible but I don't think so. Talking to the Crown today they said they believe this is the conclusion of the charges."

Paxton's preliminary hearing is set to begin on January 25th.

All of the outstanding charges will be included in the hearing, which will determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. Separate trials would be held for each case if allowed to proceed.

With files from The Canadian Press