Several communities across Alberta, such as High River, Brooks and Calgary, have been hit hard by COVID-19 but some have managed, somewhat remarkably, to have steered clear of the virus entirely.

Take Vulcan, Alta., which has so far recorded no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Home to just under 1,900 residents, Vulcan is surrounded by outbreaks. High River, the home of Cargill, is to the west, Brooks, the home of JBS Foods, is to the east and just up the highway is Calgary.

“We’re in a bit of a bubble," said Vulcan's Mayor Tom Grant, "because if you take a bit of a look at the province of Alberta, there are only 20 municipalities that don’t have cases.”

“The majority of people are trying to be as cautious as they can," he added. "Good hygiene, washing their hands and you see the odd person wearing a facemask.”

Vulcan is only accessible by a secondary highway which is helping stop drivers from heading directly into town. Laura Thomas, who owns The Great Full Cup Café, talks with residents daily, and feels the community has stepped up to stop the spread.

“I know quite a few people I have spoken to are going to Lethbridge more than High River, Okotoks or Calgary,” said Thomas.

Downtown Vulcan

Thomas recognized new faces in her establishment, one who comes all the way from Vancouver to take care of her grandchild.

“My daughter lives here in Vulcan county and she is a medical professional who didn’t get to take any time off work. But the day cares are closed,” said Pamela McPhail. “It’s been brilliant being here. I feel very safe being here with my grandson.”

She's a great example of what has been keeping Vulcan safe, with community members new or old rising to the occasion to help out.

“We’re very fortunate I think it’s more good luck than anything” said Grant.

The town, known around the world for the its ties to Star Trek's iconic Mr. Spock character (who is half-human and half-Vulcan) is not able to open its Trek Centre as part of the provincial government Phase One reopening plan. The plan allows for cafés, restaurants, daycares and museums to open but The Trek Centre is classified as a tourism booth.  Grant is optimistic it will be part of the governments' Phase Two reopening plan.