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Warm, mild conditions continue, amplifying fire risk in parts of Alberta


Alberta is expecting warm and dry weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, with some areas forecast to hit the low 20s by Wednesday.

A ridge of high pressure sitting over British Columbia is drawing in heat from the south.

The unique arrangement of low pressure systems along the Pacific coastline as well as a low sitting over central Saskatchewan will create temporary stability in Alberta.

As a result, there will be minimal cloud cover and elevated temperatures until Thursday when that setup starts to break down.

Calgary's daytime highs for April 23, 2024. (CTV News)

A frontal system is expected to start to move through northern Alberta on Thursday and track toward the southeast.

Temperatures will drop as winds pick up from the north and convective activity (lighting) may occur. This is likely to further amplify the wildfire risk to a region that has been unusually dry and experienced temperatures 5 C to 8 C above seasonal since Saturday.

Calgary's seven-day temperature trend for April 23-29, 2024. (CTV News)

Calgary will also remain above seasonal until Thursday, and by Friday, is likely to see a reprieve.

A shifting weather pattern will introduce instability into southern Alberta and potentially lead to some light and mixed precipitation.

Daytime highs will briefly drop below seasonal on Friday and get back to 17 C by Sunday.

Calgary's five-day forecast for April 23-27, 2024. (CTV News)

Overnight temperatures are expected to remain above freezing in Calgary for most of the week, in part due to the Heat Island Effect. Areas outside of the city will likely be 1 C to 3 C cooler. Top Stories

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