More than 300 homes have been affected by water main breaks in four different Calgary communities.

The city has brought in portable water wagons to the communities of Renfrew, Maple Ridge Brentwood and Pineridge to provide water to residents, some of whom have been without water for some time.

“It went off some time before noon, my wife texted me at work and we saw it on the website that it was a water main break,” said Gerry Lennox.

“They said hopefully it will be on by the end of the week, so I don’t know, I guess we’ll go stay at my boyfriend’s parents or call some friends and pull in some favours,” said Kate Hutchinson.

While it is a major inconvenience for residents, the city is putting water wagons in locations where everyone can access them.

In Renfrew, the water wagon is located on 4th Street between 8th Avenue and 7th Avenue.

In Maple Ridge, a water wagon is at 1223 Mapleglade Drive S.E. and another one is at 1216 Mapleglade Place S.E.

In Brentwood, you can find the water wagons at 2827 Burgess Drive N.W. and 2828 Brecken Road N.W.

In Pineridge, there are water wagons at 314 Pinestream Place, 201 Pinestream Place and 433 Pinestream Place.