Actor Shawn Beaver Hawman was at work Monday around 11 a.m., working on Tribal, a new APTN television drama, but it turned out the day’s drama happened back at his place outside Rocky Mountain House, where a young grizzly showed up for an unannounced visit.

There, Hawman’s son Samuel captured video of a young grizzly ambling onto the family’s porch for a look around.

Hawman said according to Fish and Wildlife, there have been three juvenile aged bears that have been spotted around town this spring.

“Mama (bear) probably put them on the run,” he said, in an email.

Monday morning, Hawman’s six-year-old boy Elijah spotted the bear, which he estimates was between two and three years old, checking out the family’s deck.

“He said, ‘that’s deadly’,” Hawman said.

That caught the attention of Hawman's 19-year-old son Samuel, who shot the footage of the curious young bear.

While the bear left as peacefully as it arrived, it still left an impression on the six-year old  Elijah Hawman.

“My six-year-old figures we should get a new house,” Hawman said.