You can hear the joy in her voice as Arlie Ring talks not only about volunteering, but about her various passions in life. Arlie has been volunteering with the Calgary Public Library for 5 years. When she retired she started thinking "what will I do", and knew she wanted to give back to her community. Arlie was in the library when she noticed a posting for volunteer opportunities, so she wrote the number down and called. Since then she has been an important part of not only the Read With Me program, but also with the Reading Advantage Program.  Arlie also acts as an invigilator in the Library's Proctoring program. Reading is a passion of Arlie's and it was when she worked in Human Resources that she noticed how difficult it can be for those that struggle with their reading skills. Arlie says it is so exciting to see the young people she works with in the Read With Me program get excited about reading. She goes out of her way to discover what their interests are, and helps find them something they are excited to read. She says individual needs are all different, and she is happy to change her plan based on their needs. Arlie says "it is very rewarding when you see the accomplishments as a result of the time spent".

Name: Arlie Ring

Nickname: the kids next door call me Grandma Arlie, but I have 7 grandchildren of my own!

Hometown: I was born in Manitoba, but I call myself a Calgarian

Describe your first experience with volunteerism: I was the secretary of the Bowness Community Association, and volunteered in many roles with my children's hockey teams

What do you love about Calgary: It's hard to say, I haven't left it very often…I love the wide open spaces, but then the mountains are close by. I love the atmosphere, it has always been warm and friendly

Do you collect anything: Crystal ornaments

Have you met anyone famous: The incredible people in my life are my friends. I look at them as my role models

What is your favourite reading material: I have many favourites from mystery to historical, but if I am not sure what I feel like reading I just go to the library!