Our cold climate isn't enough to stop bedbugs from spreading so a Calgary company is turning up the heat on the pests to eliminate them.

Sean Throndson uses high temperatures rather than pesticides to get rid of bedbugs.

‘What we do is raise above kill temperatures, about 120 degrees Fahrenheit," said Throndson, "We strive for about 140 degrees, and what we want to do is maintain constant equal temperature for a minimum of two hours, typically we like to do a little extra and go four hours."

Throndson says bedbugs can't escape the extreme temperatures because the heat penetrates the walls to kill all the pests and their eggs.

The system works and is even guaranteed, but Throndson says it's hard to get the word out because people don't want all their neighbours to know there is a problem.

"Marketing gets to be a bit of a challenge, because we'd like to show up with lights blazing and big signs, but as you saw on our trailer outside, it's bare, there's nothing on it, we do have a sign but we cover it up a few blocks away so no one is the wiser."

Throndson says people should not try this technique on their own because there is a lot that can go wrong if you don't protect electronics and some types of furniture.

For more information about the heat treatment for bedbugs click on the link.