While thousands of people were left without heat or light Monday after a storm pushed through parts of Canada, Calgarians were out enjoying the warm weather.

Locals spent the day in the sunshine and temperatures above the freezing mark. The fine weather helped boost crowds at skating rinks and Canada Olympic Park.

"This weather is great for us. Anything around the zero range is perfect because people aren't too shy to get out," said Brendon Arnold with Winsport Canada.

The warmer weather also meant line-ups at car washes, a small price to pay for a break from the cold.

For the most part, the bad weather elsewhere didn't have much impact at Calgary's airport, apart from one cancelled flight from Newark.

Meanwhile, other Canadian airports saw the ripple effect of the storm as a massive snow storm left thousands of residents in parts of the Maritimes without electricity or heat.

In Toronto alone, more than 200 flights have been cancelled as Mother Nature puts a freeze on holiday plans.

The wicked weather, which virtually paralyzed the U.S. eastern seaboard, is making life miserable in Eastern Canada, bringing wind, snow and rain.

A swath of New Brunswick was expecting up to 40 cm of snow while in Nova Scotia, what started as snow turned to rain causing floods.