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Calgarians find ways to stay cool inside their homes without AC units

As the heat wave continues to grip much of Alberta, including Calgary, it’s been a challenge for many people to not only stay cool outdoors but inside as well, especially for those without an air conditioner.

Tom Zarokostas doesn’t have an AC unit and must find ways to manage the temperature inside his home as best as possible. 

"Opening up the windows at night and making sure we’re getting a cross breeze. I have a fan and I get that going full blast right next to the bed side," he said.

Zarokostas also avoids cooking indoors altogether on scorching days and utilizes his grill outside.

He says he’s not in the market for an air conditioner yet.

"For the amount of time that we need to use it I don’t think it’s worth it to me. The very least I’d probably invest in a portable air conditioner for the house and that’s probably it."

During the heat wave, air conditioning companies like W & J Heating, are seeing a spike in demand.

"Right now we’re experiencing a high volume of calls from air conditioners breaking down to people wanting to install air conditioners," said W & J Heating owner, Jordan Derdall.

The units cost anywhere between $4000 - $6500 depending on size and efficiency and the wait list to get one installed is about three weeks.

"I always tell people the best time to get them is usually March, April or May before that hot weather hits. Those people who pre-plan can kind of enjoy the AC for the entire season rather than trying to rush out and getting it at the tail end there," said Derdall.

Derdall said the increase in sales started during last year’s heat wave in June and the momentum has kept going into this season.

For families who haven’t invested in an air conditioner unit yet, there are other ways to stay cool, include booking into a hotel.

In a statement, Sol Zia, with the Calgary Hotel Association, says,

"With the return of hot weather, above seasonal averages, we have seen weekend hotel bookings increase from local area residents. Hotels with swimming pools have observed the bulk of last minute weekend bookings," Zia said.

For Zarokostas, he’s not checking into a hotel. Instead, if he needs a break from the heat in the house, he has his convertible Mustang.

"Drop the top and go for a cruise and enjoy the sun and the breeze. Frankly I actually love the hot weather because we don’t get too much of it like this in Calgary so it’s kind of like being on vacation at home." Top Stories

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