A company that installs devices that emit an impenetrable fog to defend businesses from robbers says their solution ends any type of dangerous situation immediately.

Ishan Minhas, owner of Flawless Jewellers in Calgary, installed one of the Dragon’s Breath SmokeCloak systems inside his store because he knows that security is the most important thing he needs to think of as a business owner.

“Security is very important for us with respect to a brick-and-mortar store, it’s not in a mall so you don’t have mall security. We have to be really proactive in defending our product.”

He says during his search for security solutions, he came across the SmokeCloak.

“I was flabbergasted; I was super impressed. When we had the demo yesterday, I was literally blown away.”

Clinton Beck, president of Dragon’s Breath Security, has worked in the antiques and jewelry business for three decades and says he was sick of the constant robberies at a number of his stores and decided to invest in a SmokeCloak device.

“They used a battering ram last summer to actually knock through the front door of the store. The smoke machine went off, filled the store with smoke, and the robbers had to leave with nothing.”

Beck says the system makes any business or home “invincible” to thieves or other intruders.

“If an armed robber comes in, or if my staff is threatened at any time, they could just push a button and it ends the situation immediately.”

The smoke is also completely harmless, says Shane Gaboury, a technician with Dragon’s Breath.

“It’s a mixture of a couple different glycols to give it that thick density. It’s a ‘secret sauce’ solution that creates the best hang time and keeps the fog inside the room as long as possible. As long as we have a closed room, the fog will stay in there a good hour.”

He adds that the system is also superior to other types of smoke screen security systems that can be harmful to staff or other occupants.

“Some of the other systems out there use an alcohol-based propellant that creates an irritant in the fog and it now becomes a health and safety issue,” Gaboury says. “This can be shot off during the day while your staff are here and it’s not going to cause any harmful side effects.”

According to Beck, smokescreen-based security systems are very popular in Europe, especially in England.

“It’s like being in the thickest cloud of smoke you can imagine and you cannot see your hand in front of your face.”

He says not just businesses can benefit from them either. Anyone who is concerned about break-ins and personal safety can have one installed.

A DNA tracker can also be added to the mixture the system spews into the room, helping investigators track down suspects and connect them to the crime.

(With files from Stephanie Wiebe)