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Calgary will end November with the first 'below freezing' day of the month


Calgary’s average daytime high for the month of November ranges from 7 C to 0 C, but brief influxes of colder air during this transitional season mean it is not uncommon to see days that are colder than that.

According to the Canadian Climate Normals data from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Calgary typically experiences 8.4 days in November with a daytime high at or below freezing.

This year, Calgary is on track to see just one day at or below 0 C, on the final day of November.

This brief cool down will continue Friday with a daytime high of -1 C, with another warmup expected early next week. On Tuesday the daytime high is forecast to hit 9 C.

Similar to Tuesday, Wednesday brings another unusual temperature snapshot across the country.

That broad upper low over Hudson Bay is pulling colder, Arctic air south of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. On the east side of this low, warmer air is being drawn up along the Atlantic coastline extending as far north as Nunavut.

This translates into temperatures in Iqaluit Wednesday that are both above freezing, and warmer than many locations south of the Canada-U.S. border. Top Stories

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