One of the worst things about getting laid off is overcoming the stress that grips you right after you're handed the pink slip, but one Calgary woman is working to help workers survive the shock.

Bianca Sinclair, an oil and gas professional who is still holding her job, knows all too well the anxiety associatied with the looming issue of layoffs.

She knows that it could be her any day, and it's that drive that led her to create Laid Off Calgary, a support group for workers who've lost their jobs or who are worried about the idea.

"The main thing I want people to walk away with is a sense of empowerment," she says.

Sinclair, who has a background in psychology and yoga, says the group provides answers to many of the burning questions from workers. "What choices do I have? What can I do? How can I improve my circumstances?"

One of the members, Justin Bergeron, says the group has been a great support for him. "It's been great to hear other people's stories and relate to them and get that sense of community that you aren't in this alone."

The group is anonymous, and people's identities are protected unless they wast themselves to be known. Privacy is also taken with the utmost respect.

Sinclair says that the group can and does help anyone find the answers they're looking for.

"Calgary is an amazing city. I think back to the floods and you saw this city just come alive and really support each other. This kind of feels like that again; we are going to do this ourselves, we are just going to support each other organically and it feels great!"

For more information on Laid Off Calgary, you can email them.

You can also check out their Facebook group.