A school in the city’s southeast was vandalized overnight and some students say it appears the graffiti was sprayed on the walls of the facility in response to a dispute over vaping on the property.

Students at Centennial High School arrived on Wednesday to find graffiti plastered on the outside walls of the school and some say the vandalism is directed at the school's constable.

The vandalism occurred overnight and consisted of a few expletives and symbols.

The word ‘Consty’ was repeatedly used and some say their vaping products were confiscated by the school’s constable and that it is an ongoing issue. Students over the age of 18 are allowed to vape, by law, but not on school property. They say the dispute is with people who use ‘the pit’, which is an area on the school grounds where smokers congregate.

Students who spoke to CTV News said that they are sad the situation has amounted to something like this.

"Personally I’m disappointed because there is a stereotype that comes with the ‘pit kids’ and it’s, that they’re stereotypical teenagers, they’re always getting in trouble, they’re never doing anything right and for them to do this and for them to go this way about it, it’s really proving all the stereotypes right,"  said Armeria Lougheed.

"This was bound to happen sooner or later. I just didn't actually expect it to be actually this big, I thought it would be just one spot but it's blown up really big now so it's upsetting," said Jalen MacLean.

In a statement, the Calgary Board of Education says it's unfortunate that Centennial High School was vandalized and that it was reported to Calgary police as soon as it was discovered.

Police officials confirmed, in a statement to CTV sent Wednesday afternoon, that an investigation into the graffiti is underway.

The Service is disappointed that someone has targeted our School Resource Officer for doing her part to ensure that schools are a healthy environment for Calgary’s youth. Smoking and vaping on or next to school property is prohibited by the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act. Minors are also prohibited from possessing any tobacco products.

School Resource Officers are in schools to mentor youth on making good choices and to help promote a safe and healthy environment for all students. It is unfortunate that someone has chosen this approach to express their frustration rather than finding a more constructive way to address the issue.

CBE facilities is managing the cleanup of the graffiti.