CALGARY -- Dogs travelling on WestJet flights to be sold, adopted or given to a rescue organization won't have to fly as cargo, the company said in a statement over the weekend.

WestJet issued a clarification statement on Saturday after it was reported a policy change meant anyone who boards one of its flights with a dog meant to be sold, adopted or handed over to a rescue group must send them as cargo.

The change was announced in a blog post on WestJet's website that has since been deleted.

"Our objective was to raise awareness that the classification of a personal import versus a commercial import comes with different CBSA requirements," reads the statement.

"This effort was to ensure our guests did not incur future CBSA fines or have rescue animals be turned away at customs as a result of not having the proper paperwork.

"There has been no change to WestJet’s policy or fees. WestJet, nor CBSA, require animals travelling as commercial imports to go as cargo. We sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused."

Rescue groups expressed ire following the Thursday announcement, saying that sending dogs as cargo is more expensive than using "flight angels," which are volunteers who travel with the animal.