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Dreams Take Flight Calgary sends children to Hollywood


One-hundred twenty children from southern Alberta have taken flight to California were on a once in a lifetime trip to Los Angeles to explore Universal Studies Hollywood.

They were taking part in the Dreams Take Flight, Calgary edition.

All the travellers are children with developmental disabilities who are chosen by various Calgary agencies for this one-day vacation.

“This is a year of working to raise funds and to organize things to spend it all in one day and to get this group of kids,” said Dr. Neil Cooper, vice-president of Dream Take Flight Calgary.

“This is a group of kids that have challenges in their life. So, medical problems, to social problems to all kinds of stuff and our goal is to kind of give them a day off and to have the best day of their life so they can look forward to things in the future.”

It’s the first flight in three years since the pandemic, with kids aged 11-14 taking part.

Calgary’s fire and police chiefs are also taking part.

Everything is provided for them, from meals to spending money.

Dreams Take Flight is a national charity organized by Air Canada employees who volunteer their time.

It started in Toronto in 1989 and expanded to eight cities, including Calgary in 1993

Air Canada donates the plane, which takes the children to California.

The group will land back in Calgary around midnight. Top Stories

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