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Juno Award-winning Sheepdogs reflect on humble beginnings heading into Stampede Week show


"Boy, we were terrible but we've gotten a lot better since then," says Sheepdogs lead singer and guitarist Ewan Currie on the Juno Award-winning band's first jam session.

Twenty years ago last Sunday, the band played together for the first time in a basement in Saskatoon.

Within a few years, they were on the cover of Rolling Stone, after the magazine named them the greatest unsigned band at the time.

"It was a big PR boost to us. We were a pretty unknown band from Saskatchewan just losing money by driving around in a van and playing mildly attended rock 'n' roll shows," Currie said.

Those days are behind them, as the Sheepdogs perform Thursday at the National Saloon during Stampede Week. Top Stories

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