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Kevin Stanfield's forecast: Showers, storms on the way, but first heat warnings carry on

Showers are on the way, but first, the heat warnings carry on – possibly into storms. The ridge of high pressure is moving on, at long last, after pushing us into one heck of a streak:

An easy second place, but we'll fall off just a day short of breaking a 124-year-old record.

As the wave of uplift starts sidling southward Friday, central Alberta runs a risk for storms. It'll continue moving, and with that, we run a risk Saturday. A weaker impulse is expected Sunday, but we still grab at a chance for stormy weather.

With everything being eventual, the starting block for the bottoming-out is now slated for Monday evening, with Tuesday marking scattered showers and a steep drop.

Your five day forecast:


  •  Evening: clear, low 15 C


  •  Partly cloudy
  •  Daytime high: 31 C
  •  Evening: some cloud, low 17 C


  •  Partly cloudy, scattered showers, storm risk
  •  Daytime high: 30 C
  •  Evening: some cloud, low 16 C


  •  Partly cloudy, scattered showers, storm risk
  •  Daytime high: 27 C
  •  Evening: some cloud, low 15 C


  •  Partly cloudy, pm showers
  •  Daytime high: 28 C
  •  Evening: some cloud, low 16 C


  •  Scattered showers
  •  Daytime high: 22 C
  •  Evening: some cloud, low 13 C

For the article pic, Bruce caught the sunset from Cranston.

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