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Lethbridge community organization gets new addictions treatment licence, adds 46 beds


A Lethbridge organization is taking a big step toward helping out more people dealing with addictions in the community.

Streets Alive Mission is adding 46 beds through its Exodus Men’s Life Recovery Program and Genesis Women’s Recovery Program after Alberta Mental Health and Addictions approved licencing to become a residential addiction treatment services provider.

“We have been in the addiction recovery game for a lot of years now, but really bringing it forefront with the licence can really help us gain avenues and get to helping people we need to help,” said Cameron Kissick, the chief operations officer with Streets Alive.

The programs are faith-centered, abstinence-based and walk with the individuals through the process to help change their lives.

“Detox will be first and then they come into a treatment bed – they have to apply – and we take them into a treatment bed,” said Julie Kissick, co-founder of Streets Alive.

The new spaces will join existing supports in Lethbridge, including the additional 50 beds that opened at the Fresh Start Recovery Centre earlier this year. The $19 million project, located east of Lethbridge, saw its capacity jump from 25 to 75 as a result of the project.

“We’ve added a lot of funding for treatment and recovery,” said Nathan Neudorf, Lethbridge-East UCP MLA.

“We’ve added a lot of supports for mental health and addictions so that wherever they are, whenever they reach that spot where they reach out, they have some avenue for help.”

Streets Alive has been providing recovery programming for more than 20 years.

“These supports are so important,” said Julie. “All you have to do is look at the streets for a minute and you know the importance of trying to get the people off the drugs and off the streets so that they have a chance to live.”

With the new beds now available, Cameron says there's still more work to be done.

“Obviously the problem is severe and while this is definitely one big step in the right direction, it is just the first step,” he said. Top Stories

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