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Lethbridge man sentenced to 12 years for sexual assault, drugging of women

The exterior of the Lethbridge courthouse is shown in a file photo. The exterior of the Lethbridge courthouse is shown in a file photo.

A Lethbridge man convicted of sexually assaulting three women has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars.

Sohil Bindra, 36, was arrested in March 2020 and convicted last spring of multiple charges including sexual assault, administering drugs, break and enter to commit sexual assault and possession of a controlled substance.

He was found to have sexually assaulted three women after drugging them.

On Monday, one of the sexual assault survivors was in the courtroom as Bindra received his sentence.

He has denied the allegations and claimed the encounters were consensual.

Crown prosecutors were pushing for an 18-year sentence, while Bindra’s defense was recommending a sentence of nine years.

Judge Jerry LeGrandeur originally planned to hand down a 15 year sentence, but said upon reflection, he opted to hand down a 12 year sentence instead, believing the original 15 year sentence to be too harsh.

LeGrandeur said in his sentencing that he believes that Bindra can be rehabilitated.

He pointed towards Bindra's lack of criminal history, consistent employment and strong family support as reasons why.

Bindra is eligible for time served and will be credited for one-and-a-half days served for every day he’s be in custody up to this point.

That will take off approximately four-and-a-half years from his sentence.

This won't be the last time Bindra will appear before a judge.

He faces three more trials and is accused of sexually assaulting three more women. Top Stories

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