CALGARY – Shortly after CTV News ran a story about a box of war medals that found its way into a donation bin, the awards are soon to be returned to the descendants of the Calgary veteran who earned them.

On Friday, Goodwill Alberta posted on social media about a box of war medals and historical documents that had inadvertently been donated to them.

Among the awards was a Memorial Cross, issued to widows and mothers of Canadian soldiers as a memento of their loss, various medals from the Second World War and a number of photographs of family members.

Within just eight hours of posting the details of the find, staff at the organization were inundated with messages from all over the country. They were soon led to discover the descendant of the veteran who owned them was living right in Calgary.

Tracey Scott was contacted by friends who saw the post and she, in turn, contacted Goodwill about the items that had been mistakenly donated.

Officials with the company say they are happy the rightful owner was found.

"Goodwill Industries of Alberta is proud to return these items back to the family, back to their home and back to their rightful place, as we can only imagine the emotions running through this family," it said in a release.

Scott is expected to pick up the medals from the Trans Canada location of Goodwill at noon on Sunday.

Goodwill Alberta thanks everyone for sharing the post and helping them find the family so quickly.