A man known in Calgary for his advocacy is speaking out as he embarks on his own difficult journey.

Stewart Midwinter is a mountaineering and outdoor enthusiast.

He was in a paragliding crash last August and suffered a serious spinal cord injury that left him unable to move his arms and legs.

After six months of therapy he has some movement in his right hand.

Midwinter is turning his attention to the shortage of assisted living for people with spinal cord injuries and is inspiring many people with his efforts.

"I think the only way to get through something like this is to say I've been reborn, I'm a different person, I've got different limits, and different abilities, but say goodbye to the old person," said Midwinter.

Adaptive technology allows him to use his computer and the man who was an once an activist on two wheels has quickly become an activist on four.

"We have a shortage in Calgary of long term care homes for people with spinal injuries. We have nursing homes and elder care, but spinal injuries can happen to people who are very young," said Midwinter.

Midwinter was the founding director of Bike Calgary and is working to find help for rehabilitation funding.