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Warm in Calgary Wednesday, snow expected in the foothills Friday


Daytime highs across Alberta are expected to hit the high teens and low twenties Wednesday, including in Calgary.

A ridge of high pressure situated over Alberta and north to the Yukon is drawing warm Pacific air across the region.

Winds will remain light and predominantly from the west for Calgary, with peak sustained winds increasing to 20 km/h by the late afternoon Wednesday.

Thursday will start out warm with an afternoon temperature around 16 C, however, a late-day frontal system will create instability that will start a chain reaction across the Prairie provinces.

Winds are expected to shift to come out of the north and precipitation is likely – including snow in the Rockies.

As this system tracks east into Friday, mixed precipitation is likely for the foothills, with light and scattered showers possible in Calgary on Thursday and Friday.

Depending on where the low tracks across the B.C./Alberta border, there is a slight chance Calgary might also receive mixed precipitation and/or flurries Friday, but surface temperatures will allow any frozen precipitation to melt on contact.

Moisture is desperately needed for areas like central and southern Alberta to alleviate drought conditions and wildfire concerns, however, it seems unlikely this week will bring sufficient amounts to significantly improve either situation.

Sunshine will return Sunday and daytime highs are expected to reach the mid-to-high teens by Sunday and Monday.

Overnight temperatures will remain above seasonal and above freezing for the next seven days. Top Stories

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