LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. -- Some people make money by posting content on social media, but in most cases that involves generating views or selling a product.

Two Lethbridge businessmen have created an app where people can get paid for sharing their own ideas, knowledge and talent.

“There are so many people out there who have great ideas, incredible knowledge and amazing talents,” said co-founder Steve Christensen. “So we are creating the marketplace where anybody can list and sell anything, or any event they want to anyone in the world.”

The App is called Neuwly Live, and it’s now available to download free through IOS Apple App (Apple App Store). 

“Literally come on the app, list what your event is, and then start selling the world. Get those ideas out there,” said Christensen.

Christensen and co-founder Greg Stonehocker began discussing ideas for the app about five years ago.

“Our big goal is to connect with as many people around the world and provide opportunity for people to experience things, and learn and grow,” said Stonehocker.

Christensen added, “People are more inspirational than they think, and if we can give them the platform to show that off, that is amazing.”

But he said people shouldn’t have to give away their knowledge, insight or information for free.

“We think they should be able to monetize that. They need to earn money, so we are creating the simplest, easiest marketplace, where people can do that.”

Neuwly Live

Instead of receiving a portion of advertising revenue for sharing videos online, people who use Neuwly Live have control over what they charge for information or an event. If Neuwly helps to sell the event, the platform receives a commission. 

“You can charge what you believe your ideas are worth, and you get a big percentage of that, rather than relying on views," Christiansen said.

The co-founders don’t see the app as a replacement for other forms of social media, but a way for people to augment what they are currently doing.

“If you create YouTube videos, keep creating great YouTube videos.” Christensen said people who love their audience on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can keep servicing those followers.

“But if you want a way to really monetize your ideas, talents and abilities, this is going to be your home.”

While the app can be used by anyone, Christensen feels it can be of particular benefit for people who make a living by being in front of others; including tour guides, business coaches, motivational speakers or athletes.

Although development started long before COVID-19, Stonehocker said releasing it now opens up opportunities at a time when large crowds are prohibited.

“You know you can’t get out with those athletes, those business coaches at those large conferences like you used to. We’re hoping this platform can augment that.”

Christensen added “If you can do a maximum of 10 people, why not do another 10, 20, 50, or 100,000 through the virtual world.”

While many online platforms make money by sharing or selling user information, the Neuwly co-founders say they are big on privacy.

“We don’t take your information. We don’t use it to sell it. We want people to keep their privacy. That’s important.”

Christensen said they are starting with a soft launch of the app this week. While it’s currently available through the Apple store, the co-founders are working to bring features and availability through other platforms as well.