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Tyler Shandro's Law Society hearing adjourned to later date


Testimony from the province's current justice minister at a Law Society of Alberta (LSA) hearing will have to conclude at a future date.

The LSA hearing was supposed to wrap up on Thursday, but the three days scheduled wasn't enough to hear from all witnesses and sort through several legal issues.

Shandro is facing three allegations that he breached the LSA's code of conduct while he was Alberta's health minister in 2020.

Earlier in his testimony, Shandro said he felt sad and disappointed when he discovered a doctor he knew shared social media post targeting him and his wife. He said he decided to walk to the person's home because he considered them friends and they lived nearby.

"I was not crying. Obviously I had emotions. Most of the emotions were disappointment and sadness from what a friend had done," he said, disputing the doctor's recollection of the incident.

"We were speaking loud enough to speak to someone who is two metres apart," Shandro said.

"I definitely was not yelling at him."

Dr. Mukarram Zaidi earlier told the Law Society panel that he came out of his home  in March of 2020 and saw Tyler Shandro and his wife at the end of his driveway."

"He was crying, emotionally charged, his wife was holding him and he said, 'you can't do this to us, we're getting death threats'," Zaidi testified Tuesday.

Shandro said he was dealing with hundreds of threats directed towards himself and his family around that time and wanted to protect his family. Calgary police became involved after someone showed up to his wife's workplace and threatened her, Shandro testified.

In speaking to CTV News on Thursday, the doctor stuck to his story, arguing Shandro's testimony was false.

"He was high in emotions, he was crying, his eyes were red, tears were flowing. And he can say whatever he wants, but that was his state," Dr. Zaidi said.

He also tweeted his thoughts about Shandro's recent testimony on Thursday, which became the subject of discussions among the Law Society panel and caused delay during the hearing.

Andrea Shandro has yet to testify and will have to do so when the hearing resumes. A future date hasn't been set.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 26, 2023. Top Stories

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