Smokers in Okotoks are facing new rules on where and when they can light up.

Starting Monday, the town is banning smoking in vehicles when someone under 16 is inside.

Okotoks is the first Alberta community to pass this bylaw.

Similar provincial laws exist in B.C., Nova Scotia and Ontario.

City Councillor, Stephen Clark, says the law is meant to protect young children while also educating their parents.

"I believe that most parents, once they're well aware of the health hazards to their children, especially infants - an hour in a confined area like a car where smoking is taking place is equivalent to a child smoking a pack of cigarettes. To an infant, it's very dangerous, the concentration of second hand smoke in a vehicle, in a closed space like that, is 11 times more than in a bar."

The Town says first time offenders will most likely just get a warning, but if they're caught again, they'll be hit with a $2-hundred fine.