Knight and wizards filled a farmers market in southeast Calgary this weekend, part of the city's first ever event to celebrate the Middle Ages.

The inaugural Medieval Faire featured over 30 vendors selling all sorts of crafts and outfits lifted right out of the times of swords and sorcery.

Organizers say the desire to have festivals like these are enjoying a bit of a renaissance thanks to hit TV series like Game of Thrones.

"This has been a long time coming for Calgary," says Gail Stamp, one of the co-owners of the Medieval Faire. "A lot of people have been asking for it because they go all over the place to attend events like this. We decided to start small and see how well it's been received. It has been; it's gone quite viral and we're excited."

Stamp says the festival's goal is to help people believe "there is still a little magic in the world."

"We have the combat but we also have the other side where we’ve got our local communities of Pagan and Wicca. Those folks are coming in and supporting us and it sort of brings a really nice balance into the fair."

It also included a jousting competition, battle re-enactments and a costume contest.

Admission to the faire was completely free and organizers are already looking for ways to improve the fun for next year's event.