The caucus of the Wildrose Party will be meeting on Monday to discuss the future of Derek Fildebrandt, the outspoken MLA who was caught in a social media gaffe involving Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne over the weekend.

On Friday evening, Wildrose leader Brian Jean said that Fildebrandt made an “unacceptable” comment on his Facebook page that did not reflect the views of the party.

“He has been suspended from our Caucus, effective immediately.”

The suspension stems from a comment placed on Derek Fildebrandt’s Facebook page, in which, a Strathmore-Brooks constituent applauded the MLA’s actions during Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s to the Legislature on Thursday.

The constituent referred to the NDP as ‘No Damn Profit idiots’ and Ontario’s premier as ‘Mr. Wynne or whatever the hell she identifies as’.

Fildebrandt responded to the post with ‘Proud to have constituents like you!’.

On Friday evening, Fildebrandt took to Twitter to offer an explanation for his actions.

There has been mixed reaction to the suspension from Fildebrandt's constituents.

“Mistakes happen, you know. I’m not too worried right now. If it happens again, maybe he should resign,” said one man.

“Suspending someone for just a quick comment just seems wrong,” said another.

Monday's meeting will likely decide how long Fildebrandt will sit out of caucus and what other measures will be taken, if any at all.