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Winter road rules kick in across B.C.; upgraded tires required on many highways commonly travelled by Albertans

Winter tires B.C.

If you're B.C.-bound, bear in mind Saturday was the day winter road rules kicked in across the province to the left of us.

That means a mandatory tire upgrade.

Provincewide through March 31, drivers are expected to obey winter tire and chain signs, and through April 30 on many of the roads visiting Albertans would be navigating, such as mountain and rural routes in high-snowfall areas.

Trace Acres, program director for Road Safety at Work, which manages the Shift into Winter campaign, is quoted on the campaign's website as saying it is not too soon to get ready for snow, ice or whatever else the weather wills.

“The best way to help keep yourself and your passengers safe is to start preparing for winter now and plan ahead,” Acres said.

“Waiting until the first storm hits is too late.”

B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure lists four types of tires that are legal on those marked roads during the winter months.

These are studded tires, winter-rated tires, all-weather tires and all-season tires.

The first three tire types are marked with a three-peaked mountain and a snowflake on the sidewall, while all-season tires are marked with an M+S on the sidewall.

The ministry says all four types must have a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm.

Winter tires specifically are what the ministry recommends "for maximum stability in cold weather and on ice, snow and slush."

Only 35 per cent of those who responded to a survey conducted by Road Safety at Work in 2021 believed "driving in snow or ice without winter tires, chains or other traction devices is extremely perilous."

Only 19 per cent believed "it’s extremely dangerous to drive without winter tires, chains or other traction devices when it’s not snowing or icy."

“Driving in winter conditions is a risk every single time you get behind the wheel,” Acres is quoted as saying on the Shift into Winter campaign website.

“We all need to understand that and do our part to improve our winter driving behaviours and practices.” Top Stories

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