An internal workplace review has gone public, showing claims of harassment and bullying of Calgary police officers by other officers.

The review was completed in 2013, and in it, members claimed inappropriate or disrespectful treatment by supervisors or other members.

Post Media even reported claims of sexual assault, with one current member telling them seven officers texted her photos of their genitals after working shifts together. In another incident, a co-worker allegedly grabbed her head without warning and shoved it in his crotch.

Some female members said they felt punished for being pregnant, and others said they were afraid to come forward with the allegations for fear of retaliation.

Police officials say they are addressing the issues outlined in this review.

"We aren't under the illusion that there is a quick fix to a problem of changing culture, that takes time, it takes a commitment from everybody, from all our employees, it takes a commitment from people to participate in the processes and programs so that we can address workplace behavior that isn't appropriate," said Nina Vaughan, CPS Superintendent.

CPS is also working with the University of Calgary's gender studies program to better understand workplace culture issues.