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Calgary under snowfall warning, drivers warned to take precautions


The city of Calgary is under a snowfall warning on Wednesday as another winter storm moves through southern Alberta.

The snow began falling on Tuesday night and is expected to continue, on and off, over the next few days.

The City of Calgary said crews were originally preparing for as much as 40 centimetres by Friday, but now only expect around 15 centimetres.

It’s expected that early warning has helped on the roads.

“Clearing is going well,” the city's mobility maintenance manager Chris Hewitt said. “We have our full crews out — over 100 pieces of large equipment on the roads, as well as a number of people in hand-work and smaller equipment along pathways and pedestrian infrastructure.

“We’re keeping up right now.”

The city is still advising motorists to give extra room and time on their commute over the next several days.

“The majority of our focus is on those main priority one routes,” Hewitt said. “Give our folks lots of space to work, they’re trying to make the commute safe for everyone.”

Because there wasn’t any snow on the roads before this storm, the city doesn’t believe it will implement snow route parking bans.

However, snow bus route detours will be in effect as of 10 a.m. Wednesday until Friday evening.

According to police, there were 52 non-injury and 10 injury collisions from the time the snow started falling to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A handful of flights out of the airport were delayed and canceled early in the morning, but YYC says it too was prepared for a tough stretch.

“We planned with our partners well in advance for the forecasted weather and were prepared for a busy day,” a statement reads.

“We have additional crew on-site to clear snow and maintain safe surface conditions on the runways, taxiways and roadways.” Top Stories


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