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CJAY92 donates $20K to Calgary family whose van was stolen, hurting 5-year-old's T-shirt business

After a string of devastating setbacks, a Calgary family has just had a significant change of luck.

Stephanie Cowan just recently moved to Calgary from B.C., and says within two weeks of moving into her new home, her 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was stolen.

Inside the van was not only personal belongings, but custom-made motocross-themed T-shirts created by Cowan's five-year-old son Nixon Thorne, as well as his most recent profits from selling those shirts.

Thorne had recently set up a table outside the Wild Rose motocross track in Calgary, making about $60 from his sales.

Cowan's daughter had gifts inside the van too.

"Her birthday had just passed and she had a couple of the toys that she had just gotten in the vehicle – and Nixon's soccer stuff was in there … His soccer shoes, all of the soccer equipment for his soccer team because I hold all the equipment," Cowan explained in a Thursday interview with Jesse and JD on CJAY92 Mornings. 

The family got a rental car, but after three hours of having it, one of the windows was smashed.

Nixon Thorne set up a table outside the Wild Rose motocross track in Calgary and made about $60. (Supplied) "I'm trying to show the kids that just because bad things happen, you shouldn't let it weigh too heavily on you," Cowan said

It was then that Jesse and JD revealed the good news.

"Our Rockaholics always come together to help out families that are in need, and I think your situation perked the ears of a lot of our listeners, and we gathered them and we gathered ourselves and our resources and I think we something that can hopefully tide you over for a little bit.

"Stephanie, we'd like to dip into the CJAY92 KidsFund because it exists for situations exactly like these and people exactly like these, and your children, and we'd like to give you $20,000."

After a moment of stunned silence, Cowan responded.

"What?" she said.

Jesse and JD suggested the money can be used to replace what was stolen and to buy a new vehicle. 

"Are you serious?" Cowan said through tears. "I don't even have words right now, because I lost my job recently too."

"Thank you so much, that's insane."

To listen to the entire interview, you can visit CJAY92's website. Top Stories

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