CTV conducted an election poll asking Albertans what they thought of the candidates and who they will vote for in the upcoming provincial election.

The Think HQ poll for CTV shows that the Tories have a narrow lead with 26 per cent of voter support.

The Wildrose are just two points back at 24 per cent support.

The NDP have ten per cent, the Liberals have nine per cent and the Alberta party has one per cent.

A whopping 23 per cent of Albertans still don't know who they will cast their ballot for.

The pollster says the Tories have an unexpected fight on their hands.

"It's been a startling six weeks for the Tories, they've had a very tough time in terms of delivering a sort of coherent message and just seem to be scrambling from one fire to the next in terms of putting them out," said Marc Henry, Think HQ Public Affairs. "It's been a tough six weeks for them and it's definitely showing in the polls and with the writ dropping this morning, its going to be an interesting 28 days."

The poll also asked voters what they thought of the party leaders.

The results show that Albertan's preference for the leaders seems to line up with that of the parties.

  • Alison Redford has the edge with a 50 per cent approval rating
  • Danielle Smith has 47 per cent
  • Raj Sherman has 31 per cent
  • Brian Mason has 30 per cent

After several controversies many Albertans appear to want a change in government.

44 per cent say the PCs don't deserve to be reelected, 29 per cent aren't sure and just 27 per cent say they should be reelected.

"Obviously they would have preferred to call an election when they were not under siege when they hadn't had so many problems hit them in the last little bit but there is the fact that Redford committed to an election after the budget and if she went back on the commitment she'd be even more vulnerable in the long run," said Lori Williams from Mount Royal University.

The Tories now have four weeks to undo the damage that has been done over the last three months.

An election was called on Monday and will take place on April 23.