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Early morning fire rips through 2 northeast Calgary homes


Two homes in the northeast neighbourhood of Falconridge sustained significant damage in a Wednesday morning fire.

Fire crews were called to 215 Falmere Way N.E. at around 3:30 a.m. to tall flames engulfing the roof of the house where the blaze began. The neighbouring unit was also damaged.

"The crews in this neighbourhood train often so they were able to get here quickly and get water on the fire which is kind of a thing that obviously prevents it from spreading," explained Calgary Fire Department District Chief Gerry Bishop after the blaze was doused.  “Wind was actually in our favour because it was null. So lots of things played in our favour."


Calgary Fire Department officials initially said no one was inside either of the homes at the time, but later confirmed that one person had been in a home but escaped unharmed. No injuries have been reported.

Bishop said crews would likely remain on scene throughout the morning to ensure the fire didn't reignite.

A neighbour who was awoken by the flashing lights of multiple fire trucks, says it was a frightening scene.

"It was very horrible to be honest," Iqbal Singh told CTV News. "We were fully scared when we saw it, everyone was scared. The fire department came up, and everything is under the control."

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Top Stories

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