Skeleton sliders were testing a new product at Canada Olympic Park on Tuesday that is designed to measure how much impact a slider's head takes during the ride.

A small sensor, called a Shockbox, measures the direction and force of impact to the athletes' helmet.

The device then sends the information to an app on a Smartphone which warns trainers, coaches and parents that the athlete should be checked for a head injury.

The device reported some surprising results after just a few runs.

"So I mean there are a lot of repeat hits, very low grade hits. I think it's rare to see the kind of catastrophic Sidney Crosby type hits. This is the low velocity ones which over time could become cumulative, and there's a lot of research needed there," said Danny Crossman, CEO of Impakt Protective.

During testing on Tuesday, all the participants triggered a warning at least once and one set off the device in five out of five runs.

For more information on the Shockbox impact alert sensors, visit the Impakt Protective website.