States of emergency have been declared in several southern Alberta communities that are at risk of flooding and evacuation orders are being issued as needed.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for Elizabeth Street, McRae Street and North Railway Street in Okotoks because of water levels in the Sheep River.

Riverside Drive, South Railway Street, Northridge Drive from Woodhaven Dr. to Milligan Drive are all closed to traffic but 32 Street remains open and drivers are being encouraged to use this route.

The bridge over the Sheep River is also closed and access to Turner Valley has been completely shut down.

There have also been reports of a sour gas line being ruptured in Turner Valley during the course of flooding on Thursday, but the leak has been contained quickly.

Authorities are continuing to monitor air quality, but it is considered to be safe.

People living in Black Diamond are also being told to leave their homes after the berm overflowed

The main road through the area is closed and many people were caught off guard by how fast the flooding came.

The area is under a mandatory evacuation order and residents should got to the Oilfields Arena.

For more information on all of the current flooding situations, you can check the Alberta Emergency Alert website.

Flood watches have also been called for streams in the Bow and Oldman River basins.